GF Linamar is committed to protecting the environment and reducing its overall ecological footprint.

GF Linamar is aware that environmental performance and prevention of pollution is critical to the sustainability of the company, community and employees. We aim to decrease our environmental impact stemming from our production processes by achieving or exceeding applicable compliance obligations & internal environmental objectives. 

GF Linamar is committed to workplace health and safety.

GF Linamar’s objective is to focus on continual improvement in order to enhance our health and safety performance.  GF Linamar will focus on meaningful actions designed to meet applicable legal and other requirements.

GF Linamar believes a safe and healthy workplace is created through the combined efforts, consultation and participation of management, supervisors and employees.

GF Linamar Certification ISO 14001

Certified Environmental Management System

With the ISO 14001:2015 certification, GF Linamar ensures that its environmental management systems are effective, established and are compatible with the strategic direction and context of GF Linamar. In addition, it is part of all business processes, communicated throughout the organization and specialists for environmental management are trained and ready to support on achieving and continually improving GF Linamar’s environmental performance.

GF Linamar Certification ISO 45001

Certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System

With the ISO 45001:2018 certification, GF Linamar ensures that the management takes full responsibility and accountability for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as the provision of a safe and healthy working environment. To promote the health and safety within the company, and protect employees from health and safety risks at work, GF Linamar health and safety goals and measures, are communicated, reported, and continuously improved upon by actively engaging its employee workforce, and by engaging risk-reduction activities and projects.

Project News

The stormwater is collected from the roof space and consolidated within two cistern tanks.

We collect Rainwater to reduce Clean Water Usage in HPDC

Clean water is a limited natural resource. GF Linamar’s rainwater collection system enables the facility to reuse rainwater for cooling circuits in High-Pressure Die-Casting production process and reduce the demand of domestic water usage. Read how it works.

Our Sustainability Partners

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